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The Kent Place Robotics Team started in 2015 in order to bring more robotics and STEM opportunities to the community. The Pope John XXIII Regional High School Robotics team’s visit to our school during STEM week sparked an interest in robotics in our community. Now in our fourth year, our team is thriving: we are exploring innovative robot designs, learning new programming techniques, and constantly expanding our community outreach efforts.


Kent Place is an all-girls K-12 school, and it has been focused on expanding STEM programs for the past several years. Our school has just finished construction on a new building called the “Center for Innovation,” which is meant to inspire innovation and problem-solving in STEM subjects. In the central hall of the building is the “Innovation Lab,” housing our robotics space. We now have enough room to work on different aspects of the robot simultaneously, with all materials organized and readily available.

2015-2016 Season

competitions attended: 2

notable robot features:

     -based on the FTC PushBot design

     -basic rotating arm to grab onto rails

     -zip tie mechanism to avoid catching on field debris


     -designed logo and team materials

     -won the Connect Award!

2016-2017 Season

competitions attended: 2

notable robot features:

     -hexagonal, 3-wheel base for greater range of movement


     -inspired the formation of middle school FLL team

     -led presentations for STEM Week and KPS open houses

2017-2018 Season

competitions attended: 4

notable robot features:

     -our first successful autonomous program & use of color sensor

     -arm moved up and down on linear slide

     -clamp system with two servos


     -moved into our new robotics space, the Innovation Lab!

     -nominated for outreach award

     -qualified for semifinals and were an alliance leader

     -led activities at Family Fun Day and STEAM Night

     -presented for NJ STEM Girls

2018-2019 Season

competitions attended: 5


notable robot features:

     -robot hanging mechanism with two vertical linear slides

     -autonomous program that consistently worked

     -could reliably score 80-100 points per match


     -launched website

     -won the Motivate Award x2!

     -inspired the formation of the elementary school Wonder

      League team

     -started mentoring the middle school FLL teams

2019-2020 Season

competitions attended: 3

notable robot features:

     -large and complex arm with multiple joints

     -used Omni Wheels 



     -launched our Instagram account

     -qualified for semifinals at our 2nd competition

2020-2021 Season

competitions attended: 

notable robot features:


    - worked with OnShape software

Team Timeline

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